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Windows Cloning Software Recommendations

Started by Scuzzy, Nov 01, 2023, 12:03 AM

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Hi All,

Just wanted to get some advice on what people are using for backing up/ cloning their windows installs and programs?

Two issues I'm looking to solve:

1: I'm looking at setting up a NAS for us in the office so I can clone and backup the two systems we have here. It would be nice if I could setup automatic backups that run weekly say Friday after 5pm so if windows decides to be windows and kill itself, we've got something to fall back on.

2: Cloning customer machines where needed. We're currently using AOMEI backuper but it is the most inconsistent tool I have ever used! Windows clones only work if you select system clone, you cannot do a clone of the whole drive from a separate machine that never has worked. System clones from the machine you're trying to clone occasionally work occasionally don't, you end up with the windows recovery screen and no matter what windows recovery method I try, even external third-party tools, fail to repair the install. In these cases, I just format the drive and try the system clone another 7 times and eventually it works. Frustratingly when you're doing the clone the logs always say the same thing, clone successful. Same messaging but different results.

It's case 2 that I'm mostly trying to solve. It would also be nice if I could create the clone from another machine as well (hooking their drive up via USB obviously), back in the VISTA days we used to use Symantec ghost to do this not sure if that works anymore. Added bonus if we can store the backup just as a simple file like a iso than extract it where needed, so we can have multiple backups stored on a single large drive instead of having to do it through partitions.

Thanks for the assistance.


I 've been using this

Or SuperGrate


Been using fog forever, amazing project. You can use the NAS for storage if you like.